Dean Team Sales Department Shirt Information

The Dean Team considers the way salespeople dress and their appearance is of significant importance in portraying a professional image to all users of its service, whether customers, visitors, clients or colleagues. To encourage public trust, confidence, and cohesiveness salespeople are expected to project a professional image by complying with the uniform and dress code policy.

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Internet Filtering and Monitoring

The Dean Team has installed an internet filter and monitoring server on our network. All internet use on company provided internet is currently being monitored, and filtering will begin March 19th.

If you find a website that is being blocked, that you feel you need to do your job, please contact Tom Kasner.

Dean Team Event Calendar

401k Summary Of Material Modifications

Dear Dean Team Employee,

Linked below is a Summary of Material Modifications that are being made to the Dean Team 401(K) effective January 1st, 2013.

If you have any questions after reviewing the document, please feel free to contact Eric Verhulst at Merrill Lynch.

His number is: (636) 537-4518

Thank you.

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